Baby Yoda Playing with the Radio Is the Best Meme in the Galaxy

Baby Yoda isn’t just a character on a television show. Baby Yoda is a uniting force of all things pure and good, in both our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away. The adorable little green guy gives us new reasons to smile every week. So do all of the memes he launches. And episode four of The Mandalorian, which gave us the instantly iconic image of him holding a soup bowl, has led to the internet’s best work yet with the Yodaling. You haven’t truly enjoyed Baby Yoda until you have seen him keep turning on the radio on Mando’s ship.

Arguably The Mandarlorian‘s silliest scene yet has led to an even more absurd meme. Baby Yoda’s desire to (literally) push Mando’s buttons is reminiscent of car passengers who fiddle with the radio much to the driver’s annoyance. The buttons the 50-year-old child pushed didn’t actually turn on any kind of space radio, but with the power of editing the little fella can listen to whatever he wants. And what he wants is hysterical.

(Warning: Some songs are NSFW, which also means they are definitely not suitable for a child Yoda either, so don’t play them in front of him.)

This scene is so good immediately, but then he pushes a button for a third time while staring directly at Mando and it instantly becomes one of the best things we have ever seen. Adding music to this wonderful foolishness just makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

This meme works in every language and with every type of music.

Considering the time of year, this one is especially inspired.

But truly, all of these are inspired, because Baby Yoda is inspirational.

The dumber the song choice the funnier this meme gets because you imagine Baby Yoda is really into these music choices.

Yes, obviously THIS one exists. The universe demanded it.

There was really only one place this meme could eventually end up.

This is Star Wars after all.

Baby Yoda must be protected at all costs, and not just because of how much we love him.

Think of the memes we’d be missing out on.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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