AVENGERS: ENDGAME Almost Had an Army of Giant Ants

The final battle in Avengers: Endgame remains the ultimate superhero fight scene in movie history. The Russo brothers threw every MCU hero, their friends, and then the kitchen sink into protecting the Earth from Thanos’ forces.

At one point in the story process for the film however, it was even cooler. Jackson Sze, a Senior Visual Development Artist at Marvel Studios, graced Instagram with some art from the Endgame development process. This concept art showcased several of Ant-Man’s flying ants, all giant-sized and attacking one of Thanos’ leviathans. You can see Sze’s concept art for the ants vs. aliens scene above.

The scene in question wound up not making the cut. That climactic battle was already crowded, and it could have been confusing if many more elements were added in. But this would have been the closest thing to a kaiju battle that the MCU has seen, at least so far. Sze posted some other unused Endgame concepts to his Instagram, one which featured a super-sized ant covered in wooden armor, created by Groot!

Other unused concepts from the Endgame finale are up as well on Sze’s Instagram, like a moment highlighting the “creature Avengers,” a.k.a. Meek and Korg. Another one featured Okoye and Valkyrie leading their respective armies side by side, in what would have surely been a crowd pleasing moment.  Wouldn’t it have been cool to see those two badass ladies having a moment together like that though?

A lot of MCU concepts that don’t make the final cut of a given movie can sometimes work into later projects. It’s not out of the question then that we might see some of these scenes show up somewhere, in some form, down the line. If not, Sze’s art is a cool window into what could have been.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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