Could the All-Women A-FORCE Become the MCU’s Next Avengers?

After the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, fans should be prepared for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take a drastically different turn. We know almost for certain that this will be the last time the original six Avengers will be together on screen, at least for a very long while. But we think Marvel could be setting up the next iteration of the Avengers franchise, and we think it could be the all-women Avengers team A-Force.

With Captain Marvel having just arrived in the MCU—and having made a billion dollars at the box office—she’s definitely not going anywhere for a while. Plus, Endgame setting up significant roles for both Okoye and Nebula means we could see them interacting with Carol Danvers and possibly joining her in battle. Could both of these badass ladies be part of an eventual team of all-women Avengers led by Carol?

But let’s back up. What is A-Force, and why should this team get its own movie?

Could the All-Women A-FORCE Become the MCU's Next Avengers?_1

The A-Force comic series was created by writers G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett, along with artist Jorge Molina. The series centered on Marvel’s first all-female team of Avengers, and lasted for a far-too-brief 15-issue run. Although A-Force first appeared as part of an alternate universe during 2015’s big Secret Wars crossover event, it was later incorporated in the main Marvel Comics continuity. Although basically all women heroes in the Marvel Universe were considered members, the comic did have a core team.

In the main Marvel Comics continuity, at the front and center of the group was Captain Marvel. She was joined by She-Hulk, the Inhuman’s Medusa, the X-Man Dazzler, and the Runaways’ Nico Minoru. A new hero named Singularity was also one of the main characters. Although a MCU line-up would have to be radically different, we definitely see Carol Danvers remaining in a leadership role.

Could the All-Women A-FORCE Become the MCU's Next Avengers?_2

After Inhumans tanked on TV, don’t expect to see Medusa in the MCU anytime soon, and Nico will probably remain on the TV side of things due to Hulu’s Runaways series. Dazzler could well make her debut in an eventual MCU/X-Men project, but that may take some time. But there are still plenty of formidable female Avengers in the MCU who could be our cinematic A-Force.

We think A-Force would be the ideal place to finally introduce She-Hulk to live-action. Jennifer Walters is long overdue for an appearance in our opinion. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel introduced us to young Monica Rambeau, who will grow up to be Spectrum, and A-Force would be the perfect means to introduce her as an adult hero as well.

The Scarlet Witch is probably going to get un-snapped, as she is headlining a television series called WandaVision for Disney+. So why not throw her into the mix? Add in Okoye as Wakanda’s representative on the team, the Wasp, and then Nebula, and you have a formidable version of A-Force for the big screen. And if you need an Asgardian, we bet Valkyrie is available. Sure, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman were revolutionary, but the A-Force could and should take it all to the next level. We say, bring it on.

Images: Marvel Studios / Marvel Comics

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