Vacation Safely and Stylishly in a Luxury Floating Pod

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never needed a vacation more. But I won’t take be taking one anytime soon. I’m still not willing to travel, and I definitely don’t want to stay inside a hotel. At least not a normal one where other people would be nearby. However, I would be willing to kick back and relax at this eco-friendly, high-end luxury floating pod.

It’s a safe and unique way to get away.

French company Anthénea (which we heard about at Laughing Squid) makes floating “adventurous, movable, unsinkable, autonomous” luxury pods. The Anthenea water-bound resorts, which can also be purchased outright (between roughly $300,000 and $535,000), are available to rent for a unique hotel experience. Designed with three living spaces, they come with a kitchenette and a bedroom with an extra-large round bed and an overflow round bathtub that can use sea or fresh water. The pod also have a lounge area with a curved sofa and furniture and sport a 360-degree glass panoramic underwater observatory.

And up top is a solarium that can hold up to 12 people. (Which is like, what? Eight mermaids?)

Safely Vacation By Staying in a Luxury Floating Pod Hotel_1Anthénea

The water home/hotel also features a number of options to customize the living arrangement.

“Motorized reclinable sunshade roof able to automatically switch in the wind direction, natural ventilation of the living-room and bedroom, removable Solarium windshield in order to create an additional room.”

The entire structure, which is 100 percent recyclable, is also eco-friendly. Anthénea’s roof is made with solar panels “whose circular shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays and live as close as possible to Nature’s elements.” It also features an “innovating sand screw anchoring,” so it “makes no damage nor impact on the underwater ecosystem and environment.” But while it might run on solar power, it still provides air conditioning.

Safely Vacation By Staying in a Luxury Floating Pod Hotel_2Anthénea

The company also says its unsinkable and can resist force 6 winds. And since it’s anchored to the seabed you won’t float into the middle of the ocean by accident. Without any steering or motor onboard drifting away would really ruin an otherwise beautiful, relaxing, pricey, safe social distancing vacation.

That would be the wrong kind of “getting away.”

Featured Image: Anthénea

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