Is Cersei Lannister Actually Pregnant?

Now that winter has come and the white walkers have broken through the Wall it’s time to crack open all of our Game of Thrones theories, opinions, and dream scenarios. Well, luckily for you, our Game of Thrones post-mortem show All Kings Considered has returned just in time to save you from the army of white walkers and all your Westeros-centric worries.

In the premiere for this season a whole bunch of things happened, but the one thing that our crack panel of GOT experts were most intrigued by was the ongoing mystery of Cersei Lannister’s apparent pregnancy. Joining the queen of our Seven Kingdoms Jessica Chobot, this week are Nerdist’s very own Master of Whispers Dan Casey, and Kyle “Faceless Man” Anderson, are IGN’s Editor-in-Chief of Entertainment Terri Schwartz and brilliant pop-culture journalist Yolanda Machado who’s work you’ve likely read and loved at the LA Times, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and more.

Undoubtedly one of the most divisive characters on the wildly popular HBO show, Cersei Lannister took one step closer to fulfilling her role as Westeros’ mad queen in the first episode of the season, finally fulfilling her side of the bargain she had struck with Euron Greyjoy, by that we mean that they bumped uglies after Theon’s very disrespectful uncle sassed Cersei into bed. This sparked off a scene which led the All Kings Considered crew to wonder whether or not she was really pregnant at all.

Is Cersei Lannister Actually Pregnant?_1

Terri shares some incredibly interesting theories about the baby that Cersei maybe carrying could potentially bring about her death, as well as suggesting that her beloved Jamie may be the one who eventually kills her. Yolanda is on a uniquely singular Cersei’s pregnancy path, proposing the super intriguing idea that the royal is in fact imagining the baby inside her, and it might be the thing that finally turns her into the Mad Queen many fans have thought she might become. Prophecies were also a hot topic as Dan quite rightly points out that the witch who told Cersei’s future claimed she would only have three children, who would die, which has already happened to the Lannister matriarch. As with any conversation about Game of Thrones incest wasn’t too far away and Kyle broached the unmentionable… the fact that if the baby is real, it is of course, her brothers.

You’ll have to dive into All Kings Considered to enjoy all of the gems our casts spilled, and we’ll be back every week chatting about the wildest, weirdest, best, and worst parts of everyone’s favorite show!

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