Drafthouse Honors Stephen King With “King Sized Summer”

If Keanu Reeves is in the midst of a “Keanussance,” then legendary author Stephen King has certainly been in the middle of his own pop cultural renaissance lately. The last couple of years alone have seen It become a global phenomenon, not to mention other adaptations of his works like Pet Sematary hitting theaters. Then you’ve got Castle Rock, a new version of The Stand coming, and the list goes on. Can we officially call it “the Kingaissance” now too?

To continue this celebration of the master of American horror, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are celebrating the films based on King’s work in a series they’re calling “King-Sized Summer.” And you can now check out the trailer for the first of the Austin Alamo Drafthouse’s “King Size Terror Tuesdays” down below:

This curated selection of cult and classic adaptations begins in July, and continues through to the much anticipated release of IT: Chapter Two. This kicks off with a month of Terror Tuesday programming in Austin and culminating in nationwide screenings of four films in all Alamo Drafthouse cities. Audiences will be able to enjoy all these King classics as they were meant to be seen, on the big screen. And yes, it does include Creepshow!

Among the film’s included is King’s one and only directorial effort, the 1986 evil trucks on a rampage movie, Maximum Overdrive. The over-the-top camp fest is maybe not what people were expecting from King as his directorial debut, and it crashed and burned both critically and at the box office when it came out. So much so that he never directed another film! But 1986 wasn’t a totally terrible year for King, as his epic novel It came out that year, and that all worked out just fine. These days, King himself has no problem throwing shade at his own film. Although he still loves that AC/DC soundtrack!

Images: Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas / De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

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