The Marvel Witches We Want to See in AGATHA: DARKHOLD DIARIES

The upcoming WandaVision spinoff Agatha: Darkhold Diaries will be coming soon. The series has been casting actors left and right. The series will focus on the show’s breakout character, the witch Agatha Harkness, played by the incredible Kathryn Hahn. But we assume a lot of these other actors joining the cast will also probably play witches and wizards themselves. But which Marvel witches will we see in Agatha: Darkhold Diaries? The Marvel Comics universe has a good amount of practitioners of the mystic arts, and here are a few we could see join (or battle) the House of Harkness.

Agatha Harkness in WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Jennifer Kale

Marvel Comics sorceress and Man-Thing ally Jennifer Kale.
Marvel Comics

Jennifer Kale first appeared as a supporting character in Man-Thing comics from the ‘70s. She was a magically attuned woman from Citrusville, Florida. Although she came from a small town, her magical lineage went back to ancient Atlantis. After meeting Man-Thing, she began to explore her magical powers, and eventually became an apprentice to Doctor Strange. She’s also the cousin of both the Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch versions of Ghost Rider. Now a powerful sorceress, she’d fit in perfectly with Agatha’s coven.


Wiccan. the magical Young Avenger
Marvel Comics

With the recent casting of Heartstopper star Joe Locke, many are assuming he’s playing the teenage version of Wiccan. And given that Darkhold Diaries is a WandaVision spinoff, that assumption makes sense. That’s because Wiccan is actually the reincarnated version of Wanda Maximoff’s son Billy, created by her hex powers. While that version of Billy wasn’t technically real, it turns out, his soul was. And in the real world, that soul was reborn as Billy Kaplan. But whether Locke is Billy or not, Wiccan seems a sure bet to introduce in Darkhold Diaries, if only to continue to set up Young Avengers.


Selene, Marvel mutant witch
Marvel Comics

The immortal woman known as Selene is both a mutant and a sorceress. She’s 17,000 years old and sustains herself by feeding off the energy of others like a psychic vampire. Over the centuries, she also learned a great deal about magic. Selene is one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers. In the comics, she’s been part of the Hellfire Club, the bitter enemies of the X-Men. We could see her become an adversary for Agatha, who although quite old, is much younger and less powerful than Selene. Frankly, we could see the recently cast Aubrey Plaza killing this role.

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo, the former Sorcerer Supreme
Marvel Comics

Jericho Drumm was born in Haiti, but left for America to go to medical school and become a doctor. Years later, he learned his brother, the Houngan Supreme, was dying because of a Voodoo Curse. Fighting fire with fire, Jericho learned Voodoo from a man named Papa Jambo. He then took his brother’s place as the Houngan Supreme, becoming Brother Voodoo (later Doctor Voodoo). In recent years, he even replaced Stephen Strange as the new Sorcerer Supreme and has served as a member of the Avengers. He would be a perfect member (or enemy) of Agatha’s coven.


The Asgardian Enchantress
Marvel Comics

We’ve seen a lot of the major Thor villains over the course of four films. But one major one has been missing: the Enchantress. Amora is a sorceress from Asgard who has been a pain in the butt to the Odinson since the beginning. She also had a centuries-long crush on him). She might be too powerful a witch for Agatha’s coven, as she is technically a goddess, but it’s time she appeared somewhere in the MCU. Darkhold Diaries seems like as a good a place as any.


Alpha Flight's resident magic user, Talisman.
Marvel Comics

A member of the Native American Tsuutʼina tribe, Talisman was one of the main heroes in the Canadian super team Alpha Flight. Her father, the Alpha Flighter Shaman, also wielded magical energies. After her father joined the team, Elizabeth reached into her father’s mystical medicine pouch and found the Coronet of Enchantment. When she wore it, it transformed her into Talisman. She could manipulate vast magical energies now, and command the spirits of nature to do her will. We think she’d make an ideal member of any magical coven.

Amanda Sefton

Amanda Sefton, X-Men ally and powerful witch.
Marvel Comics

Amanda Sefton was another X-Men-related character. Marvel Comics introduced her as the love interest and adopted sibling of Nightcrawler. (Yeah, it’s a little icky). She was the daughter of Romani sorceress Margali Szardos, and her birth name was Jimaine Szardos. When her mother’s foster child Kurt Wagner left and became an X-Man, she went to America to find him, and assumed the name Amanda Sefton. The two became a romantic pair, and Amanda even became a superhero under the name Daytripper. Her life is complex, as she has been the Queen of the Limbo dimension, and also a frequent flight attendant.

Doctor Druid

Doctor Druid, former Avengers and wizard.
Marvel Comics

The Avengers haven’t had many magic users on the team besides the Scarlet Witch. But for a time, the man called Doctor Druid was a member. Due to his surly nature, he was one of the least popular Avengers in the team’s history. But he was actually Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s prototype for Doctor Strange, first appearing as “Doctor Droom” in 1961. A name later changed for obvious reasons.

Anthony Druid was a licensed psychiatrist who learned sorcery from a Tibetan monk. Sound familiar? Lee and Kirby later lifted this origin story for Doctor Strange two years later. For years, Doctor Druid was all but forgotten, as Strange effectively replaced him. He returned in the ‘80s as an Avenger, but ultimately died. However, the MCU is very good at reinventing unloved characters. Maybe Doctor Druid can get the same glow-up on Darkhold Diaries.

Marvel Comics has plenty of other witchy types to choose from, so the producers may go obscure and add one of those to Agatha’s inner circle. We’ll have to wait and see when Agatha: Darkhold Diaries premieres in winter 2023.

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