Sports Broadcaster Calls Adorable Play-by-Plays for his Dogs

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when it gives you a worldwide quarantine and you’re a stupendously bored sports broadcaster, make play-by-play videos of your cute dogs doing stuff. That was Andrew Cotter’s plan anyway, and so far, it’s worked out well for him. As well as for his dogs, who, at this point, are probably more well known than a huge portion of professional athletes.

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Cotter’s first video (above), was posted to Twitter on March 27 with the simple caption “I was bored.” Which is completely understandable, since most of us have been using that sentiment as an excuse to do everything from produce legitimately catchy spoof songs about quarantine life to making cocktails so large they deserve their own zip code.

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Adam Cotter

Cotter, who describes himself as “one of the leading commentators on the BBC’s golf, rugby, tennis and athletics coverage,” has commentated on some of the most renowned sporting events, including Wimbledon, The Masters golf tournament, the Rugby World Cup, and even The Olympic Games. And now, added to that impressive curriculum vitae, are the “Game of Bones” and “The Dog’s Breakfast Grand Finale” events that have taken place between his dogs, Olive and Mabel.

In the videos, Cotter has brought to the masses the excitement of dogs eating kibble and playing with a rubber bone (“playing” used in its loosest sense), and it seems like there is a genuinely intrigued market here. The two videos Cotter’s posted to Twitter have garnered roughly 27 million views as of this writing, plus another 800,000+ on YouTube. Which, let’s be honest, points to an overwhelming demand for some kind of Dog Sports League. The championship “bowl” puns would be limitless, after all.

In the mean time, we’re just hoping that Cotter posts at least one of these videos a day for the next few hundred days. They would pair perfectly with Sir Patrick Stewart’s once-a-day sonnet readings, and would help us all to get through the rest of this worldwide quarantine. Because, as Cotter has astutely noted, “anyone who has a dog knows how important they are just now.”

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What do you think about Cotter’s commentating on Olive and Mabel? Would you actually love to see some kind of Dog Sports League? Give us a ruff idea of your thoughts in the comments!

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