Ina Garten’s Giant Cocktail Is a Quarantine Mood

The COVID-19 quarantine lifestyle is doing weird things to all of us. Some have taken up strange new hobbies, some have gotten really into at-home workouts, and some (ahem, me) have just ordered in lots of takeout and re-watched Buffy all day.

If you’re Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa herself, you’re using another coping mechanism: alcohol.

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In a new Instagram post, Garten—author and host of the Food Network series, Barefoot Contessa—shares a recipe for a homemade cocktail. “During these stressful times, it’s really important to keep traditions alive,” she says. “My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour.”

What follows is a full two minutes of Garten whipping up a cosmopolitan. But this is no ordinary cosmopolitan. It’s a recipe intended to serve many people that she dumps into one giant martini glass. And we do mean giant—this thing can hold two cups of vodka, a cup of triple sec, a cup of cranberry juice, and a whole lotta lime juice.

Now look, we’re not here to condone excessive alcohol consumption in the early morning hours. It’s important that we keep ourselves safe, healthy, and viable in these strange times. Personal health is more important than ever. However, we appreciate the attempt at humor and how succinctly this whole video sums up quarantine life: where nothing makes much sense, we’re all scared of what’s to come, and hours of the day are rendered meaningless.

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The video clearly inspired a lot of good humored reactions and solidarity on Twitter. It’s exactly the sort of meme-able, hilarious content we need right now. And coming from Garten, who is always happy to inspire food and drink-related chaos, there’s an added layer of charm.

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And bonus: If you’re a fan of cosmopolitans, you can follow this easy recipe and enjoy your own at-home cocktail hour later. Although, you want want to divvy it up between the legal drinking age people in your household.

Featured Image: Ina Garten on Instragram

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