Adam Sandler and Pete Davidson Sing “Stuck in the House”

We’re all trying to fill these many, many quarantine hours any way we can. Some people are doing puzzles. Others are making sourdough bread as if it will soon be our only currency. Some have decided giant cocktails are the best way to enjoy social distancing. But Adam Sandler has found musical inspiration during COVID-19. He already performed two original coronavirus numbers on The Tonight Show: “ The Quarantine Song” and his “ Don’t Touch Grandma” duet with Jimmy Fallon. His latest contribution to a growing COVID-19 playlist has brought him back to his Saturday Night Live roots. Sandler joined Pete Davidson for “Stuck in the House,”  the latest musical ode to the current boredom we’re all experiencing.

SNL‘s second “At Home” episode featured another musical number from the abode of Pete Davidson. “Stuck in the House” is a tribute to the monotonous Groundhog Day-like existence that many of us are going through. Davidson’s section hit many of the same issues we’re feeling right now: We’re over Zoom. We already finished Ozark. And our whole family is always around.

Pete Davidson and Adam Sandler sit on their couches and sing.


Sandler’s verse reminds us why he’s always and forever the musical king of Saturday Night Live. His line about his crappy bread might be the best gag of this week’s episode. And only he can turn wearing underwear masks and making out with his wife in front of his children into pure comedy gold.

(Also, we got a cameo from Rob Schneider, begging Adam Sandler to let him in the house. It’s unclear if Schneider knew they were making a song for SNL or not.)

Adam Sandler and Pete Davidson Sing NBC

Being stuck inside stinks. We’re tired of puzzles and bread and we’re tired of being asked about puzzles and bread. But we do like the part where Adam Sandler keeps writing new songs, because we”ll never bore of that.

Featured Image: NBC

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