Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon Sing ‘Don’t Touch Grandma’

Some people are intent on being productive while practicing safe social distancing. They see this forced time indoors as an opportunity to work on side projects or be creative. Good for them. As for us we’re enjoying wearing shorts and watching videos online all day. So we’re really enjoying how Adam Sandler is turning quarantine time into quality musical time. Recently he debuted a new, coronavirus-inspired song on The Tonight Show. It was a lyrical ode to the medical professionals working on the frontlines to save us all. Now he’s returned with another new coronavirus track, a duet with Jimmy Fallon. It’s about family, love, and how to handle ourselves during this difficult time. Or rather, how not to handle ourselves or anyone else, especially our sweet old Grammys. Because “Don’t Touch Grandma” is the strange advice we all need to follow right now.

And also in the future, considering the type of touching the pair sang about.

Grandmas want to knit you sweaters
And to bake you cookies
But you must tell your Grandma
“No touchie, just lookie”

It’s only fitting Sandler sang this duet with fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon. “Don’t Touch Grandma,” with it’s silly lyrics, acoustic guitars, and Sandler’s sweet-voiced singing, reminds us of his classic SNL era songs. Plus the whole thing is strangely sexual, and really only Adam Sandler could pull that off.

There’s also really good advice in here. Seriously, don’t touch your Grandma, even in a non-sensual way. Stay away from her. And really everyone else, no matter how old they are.

However, it might be tough to connect with your Nana via Zoom. We’re normally the ones setting up anything electronic for our Grandmas. But we can’t go over there now and show them how to connect.

Your best bet is to call them on the phone. Hopefully they don’t have a 900-number. That wouldn’t be productive for anyone, quarantine or no quarantine.

Featured Image: NBC

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