Adam Sandler’s “Quarantine Song” Honors Medical Heroes

There were few moments more exciting in the history of Saturday Night Live than when Adam Sandler came on stage with a guitar. He could turn any topic, no matter how absurd or esoteric, into comedy gold. How many people could make a song about a high school lunch lady an absolute banger? His Hannukah song is and always will be a holiday season an all-timer. And it’s not like he has lost his songwriting abilities. His 2018 Netflix special showed he still has his musical chops. Now he’s putting them to use to help us get through COVID-19. He premiered his “Quarantine Song” for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. It’s an ode to the doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line to save us, but not just from coronavirus.

They’re saving us from ourselves.

This song, written by Sandler’s collaborator Dan Bulla, really captures how we feel right now. We’re all so grateful to the doctors and nurses around the world who are doing everything they can to stop the spread of COVID-19. And we know they’ll eventually find the cure to this terrible disease. We need them to, before we all do some unintended damage. Because as Sandler sang, “I’m teaching math to my kids and that can’t be good for America.”

Hard agree.

But that also highlights an important lesson everyone is learning from this experience. It’s making us realize who the true “essential workers” are. The people who work in hospitals, our teachers, and the people who make it possible for us to stock our shelves are the backbone of society.

And even though we wouldn’t call Adam Sandler “essential” during quarantine, a new song from him sure does make it a lot more bearable. He can even make a global pandemic a little less stressful.

Featured Image: The Tonight Show

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