A Holiday-Themed Gift Guide for Film, TV, and Video Game Fans

Sometimes the perfect holiday gift is an item you’ve been eyeing all year. Other times the perfect holiday gift is an actual holiday-themed item. If you’re looking for the former this season we already have you covered whether you’re a pop culture lover or a tabletop enthusiast. But if you’re on the lookout for the latter, we’re also here to help. We’ve put together a massive list of great seasonal merchandise celebrating our favorite TV shows, films, video games, and more. From advent calendars and home goods, to comfort wear and ornaments, to so much more, we have plenty of present options for every wish list this December.

Advent Calendars – Elf: The Official Advent Calendar ($29.99)

We’re living in the golden age of advent calendars. They aren’t merely daily chocolate delivery systems anymore. You can now get just about any kind, offering whatever kind of treats you like. Those many options include advent calendars inspired by pop culture favorites, including this obviously perfect Elf option from Insight Editions. All month long you can open up gifts like stickers, tin buttons, key chains, Christmas decorations, and more based on the Will Ferrell holiday classic.

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Glassware – Joy Jolt Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater Glasses Set ($29.95)

Four ugly Christmas sweater themed Star Wars glasses on a holiday themed display from Joy Jolt
Joy Jolt

Joy Jolt’s Disney and Star Wars collections have enough fantastic items for fans of the Mouse House and galaxy far, far away that you could knock off most of your 2023 gift shopping list at the site. But if you’re looking for a Christmas-specific set of glasses you’ll want Joy Jolt’s delightful Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater collection. These four glasses are fun, practical, and, despite their inspiration, strangely stylish. They would even make Palpatine smile on Christmas morning.

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Ornaments – Rick and Morty Ornaments ($19.99)

A Rick and Morty ouble ornament set with them running and screaming

What duo says “Christmas” more than Rick and Morty? Uh… literally any other pair? I mean, there’s probably some couple in the infinite multiverse who captures the holiday spirit less, but who cares! We want to decorate our tree with television’s most absurd cartoons, and this double Hallmark set will let us do just that. If we’re celebrating TV and Christmas at the same time this is :burp: how we’re going to squanch it. The fact they’ll both look terrified of our tree makes it even better.

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Ugly Holiday Sweaters – Loki: The Christmas Variant Ugly Christmas Sweater ($59.99)

A green, black, and gold Loki-themed Christmas sweater

Merchoid has so many fantastic pop culture Christmas sweaters to choose from it’s almost impossible to settle on just one. It’s a massive collection covering film, TV, literature, video games, and more. So we opted for a piece of clothing that truly captures what’s great about all of them. The MCU’s Loki is now the God of Stories. He’s responsible for every reality, which means he’s responsible for every ugly Christmas sweater. Talk about a glorious holiday purpose.

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Home Goods and Decor – Lenox “Grinchmas” Collection

A collection of Grinch-themed items and holiday decor in a promo photo from Lenox

You could easily put together an entire holiday-themed gift guide made up entirely of Lenox’s pop culture options. The company offers ornaments, frames, decorations, kitchenware, and more from The Peanuts, Star Wars, and Disney. But our Christmas movie-loving hearts are partial to Lenox’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas “Grinchmas” collection. From mugs, plates, salt and pepper shakers, trays, mugs, and more, you can turn your home into a big celebration of the holiday’s iconic green villain-turned-softy

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Comfort Wear – Pokémon Holiday Long John Pajama Set ($25-$39)

A father, son, and dog in matching Pokemon long john pajamas from Hanna Andersson
Hanna Andersson

Some families like to wear matching clothes in their holiday photos. It’s a playful way to celebrate Christmas, and you can do that while also celebrating your favorite game with Hanna Andersson’s Pokémon long john collection. Thanks to the color of a Poké ball they don’t even look out of place as holiday-themed comfort ware. And there are PJs for everyone in your herd, no matter their age or size.

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Toys – LEGO Ideas Home Alone McAllister House Set ($299.99)

LEGO's Home Alone McAllister House Set open and on full display from the front

We’ve been obsessed with LEGO’s Home Alone McAllister House set since it was merely a LEGO Ideas submission, but can you blame us? The most expensive item on our list is a toy, a collectible, and a Christmas decoration all in one. It’s everything you could want from a holiday-themed item, one that celebrates so many things we love. And any time we can honor a holiday classic while also having some fun we will

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Pet Toys – BARK Season’s Treatings Advent Calendar for Dogs ($49.99)

The box for BARK's 2023 dog advent calendar which looks like a house with holiday decorations

Advent calendars aren’t just for humans any more than Christmas gifts are. And since we know you’re definitely going to get your pup some presents this year, we had to highlight BARK’s holiday box for dogs. It will let you give your very good furry best friend something every day for 24 days. This Costco-exclusive dog advent calendar box comes with eight Christmas-themes toys and sixteen treats from their

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Board Games – Asmodee’s The Nightmare Before Christmas ($35)

Jack Skellington on the black and blue cover of a The Nightmare Before Christmas board game

It was another big year for Asmodee, one of our favorite tabletop publishers. You can easily fill up all the space below the board game fan in your life’s tree this holiday season with award-winning games like Challengers!, Unlock!, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R., and more. But if you’re looking for a Christmas-themed game option this December we suggest Asmodee’s new The Nightmare Before Christmas card game, which lets you play as your favorite characters from the film

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