HOME ALONE LEGO Set Delivers Lots of Cheery Christmas Joy

Pop culture has its fair share of iconic TV and film houses. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s epic mansion, The Brady Bunch’s split-level abode, and American Horror Story’s Murder House, to name a few. But the house we all wanted to live in as kids was undoubtedly the Home Alone mansion. The McAllister’s spacious house is instantly recognizable with stairs perfect for sledding down and many fun areas to play tricks. In reality, the interior of this Winnetka, IL, home looks nothing like it did in the movie (in a good way) but you can still relive some of that quirky magic with a new LEGO set.

Home Alone LEGO set interior photo


This set, which we learned about via Gizmodo, has a whopping 3,955 pieces and is a complex delight. It includes minifigures of Marv and Harry along with a screaming Kevin. Kevin’s mom and Old Man Marley have figures too but many other characters didn’t make the cut. This makes sense considering Kevin’s family literally left an entire child behind on an international vacation. How? HOW?! Kevin talks trash constantly, surely you would realize that he was a little too quiet. And, his father is still very suspect because, well, he didn’t seem too upset about being thousands of miles from his kid.

Home Alone set Angels with Filthy Souls Michael Jordan Home Alone LEGO set piece


Back to the Home Alone LEGO set. Fans of the film will absolutely love all the little references and Easter eggs it offers. There’s Angels With Filthy Souls on a TV set, the cardboard cutout of Michael Jordan, Little Nero’s pizzas, a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and, of course, all sorts of fun traps from the movie. We do not care if these pranks couldn’t happen in real life without death or serious permanent injury. We want to see them.

This set will drop on the official LEGO website and a host of LEGO stores on November 1 for $250. No, you won’t want the cashier to keep the change but you will get some classic Christmas cheer from this Home Alone LEGO set.

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