Assemble Your Magic: the Gathering Decks with these Awesome Avengers Inspirations

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One of the best parts about getting together with friends to play Magic: The Gathering is the ability to mix things up and come in with a new deck or strategy to keep the competition fresh and fierce. You shouldn’t get too comfortable with a single deck, or else the other players can learn to prevent your best moves from ever happening. But, where does one look for inspiration when making a new MTG deck?

The key is to have fun with it and use other universes, characters, and teams as your muse. In our recent attempts at building new themed MtG decks, we decided to pay homage to Marvel’s Avengers. Check out the decks that we were able to come up with, inspired by the individual team members.


Image Credit: Alfodur/Deviant Art

This one’s a no brainer: when you’re putting together a Hulk-inspired deck of Magic cards, you have to go with a trample deck. Load it with beasts as well for that extra firepower and strength. Plus, you’ll have to fill it with forest cards to get that classic jade look. Check out our example deck, and feel free to put your own spin on it the next time you play with your friends.

20x Forest

4x Leatherback Baloth

4x Defiant Elf

4x Garruk’s Companion

3x Primeval Titan

3x Skinshifter

4x Primal Rage

4x Gaea’s Anthem

4x Giant Growth

4x Seal of Strength

3x Rancor

2x Treetop Bracers

4x Primal Bellow

4x Rampant Growth


Image Credit: Southee/Deviant Art

The key here is to channel the inner essence of Tony Stark himself and compile an artifact deck. Rather than build up your own power, use the tools, myrs, and artifacts at your disposal to take down your opponents strategically and effectively. Here’s our artifact deck:

10x Plains

10x Island

4x Etched Companion

2x Master of Etherum

4x Memnite

4x Ornithopter

4x Signal Pest

3x Steel Overseer

4x Vault Skirge

3x Dispatch

3x Thoughtcast

4x Cranial Plating

3x Welding Jar

3x Stoic Rebuttal

2x Tempered Steel


Image Credit: Alternate Pony/Deviant Art

When it comes down to good ol’ Captain America, you’re going to want to use his skills as a trained leader and effective presence on the battlefield as a main source of inspiration. Where are you going to find skilled fighters with the same battlefield prowess as Cap? Try a Plains Knights deck. Use the first strike and double strike abilities often, and have fun with it.

20x Plains

2x Kinsbaile Cavalier

1x Knight Exemplar

3x Knight of Glory

3x Knight of Meadowgrain

1x Knight of the White Orchid

2x Mirran Crusader

2x Sigiled Paladin

1x Silver Knight

1x Silverblade Knight

1x Student of Warfar

3x War Falcon

1x White Knight

4x Armored Ascension

2x Bonds of Faith

2x Honor of the Pure

4x Brave the Elements

2x Harm’s Way


Image Credit: TheSamuraiMan/Deviant Art

Lastly, we decided to go with our girl, Black Widow. Her cunning ability to manipulate and take down her opponents as she so wishes means one thing: a control deck. Find cards that are going to help you manipulate the playing field to your advantage and achieve victory. Here’s a sample deck that’ll help you get a basic idea of where to start.

20x Swamp

1x Cadaver Imp

1x Carnifex Demon

1x Entomber Exarch

4x Fume Spitter

4x Reassembling Skeleton

2x Royal Assassin

2x Sangromancer

2x Sheoldred, Whispering One

2x Skinrender

1x Liliana Vess

1x Black Sun’s Zenith

4x Diabolic Tutor

4x Doom Blade

4x Duress

2x Geth’s Verdict

1x Sword of Feast and Famine

1x Sword of War and Peace

2x Go for the Throat

And there you have it: 4 relatively simple, yet totally awesome decks ready for you to bring your opponents down at your next showdown. Remember, have fun with it. Put your own spin on themed decks by bringing in your go-to cards and maybe branching out into areas your haven’t gone before. Your competition won’t know what hit them!

 Cover Image Credit: Daniel Kamarudin/Deviant Art

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