This Video Proves a ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Game Boy Color Remake Would Be Awesome

It’s pretty common knowledge among Zelda fans at this point that during the development process for Breath Of The Wild, Nintendo used a prototypical 2D version of the game, which looked basically like an original NES game, to help create the final product. A fan even re-created that NES-ish prototype as a playable game. Now, others are imagining what Breath Of The Wild might look like on other platforms, and this Game Boy Color version of the game looks pretty sweet (via Gamnesia).

Nintendo Wire decided to create a “de-make” of the game, and although it’s not a playable game, it’s neat to watch, especially for fans of the actual Zelda Game Boy Color games, Oracle Of Seasons and Oracle Of Ages. It has everything the GBC-era games did: The classic italicized font, the retro sounds, and a spot-on color palette. The video covers the opening moments of the game: Waking up in the Shrine Of Resurrection, getting your Sheikah Slate, and making your way into Hyrule to encounter the mysterious old man and some Bokoblins.

If this video has inspired you to do something like this for yourself, or you’re just really into the sprites and other art they used, you can get all the assets used in the video for yourself by becoming a $5 Patreon supporter of Nintendo Wire.

Is this one of the best Zelda fan projects you’ve ever seen? If not, what are some of your favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured Image: Nintendo Wire

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