Angry Engineer Builds Furniture for Masochists

If you’ve seen any kind of video on the internet featuring a bizarre, homemade tasing contraption, there’s a 99% chance that Michael Reeves, the ever-so-angry engineer and YouTuber, was behind it. Reeves, whose inventions generally harm their users, built what could be described as office furniture for masochists in his latest video, and the results are, as expected, just as hilarious as they are harmful.

Reeves’ video featuring the inventive forms of light torture. 

Although Reeves builds a “taser desk,” “piston chair,” and “idea printer” (which is actually an idea shredder) in the video, his inspiration for doing so was not to begin a build-up of inventory for some kind of new, sadistic version of Staples. The man who happily lasers his own eyeballs was, instead, inspired by the truly terrible robot-build ideas of his many, many followers; they responded with over 41,000 comments filled with crappy robot ideas to one of his previous videos, titled “Your Robot Ideas Are Stupid.”

As opposed to some of his other videos, Reeves doesn’t do too much technical ‘splaining here, although he does note that he used microcontrollers, relays, and tasers glued to each other to build the taser desk. Plus, we get to see him use Python when he makes the idea shredder, which is great for anyone who’s interested in the coding aspect of these “robots” more so than how they deliver healthy doses of pain and fear. I.e. nobody.

Angry Engineer Builds Furniture for Masochists_1

Reeves looking way too excited to test the piston chair on a hapless victim. Michael Reeves

Reeves’ solicitation and use of his fans’ extremely crappy, moderately dangerous machines is likely to continue in the future, and we can only imagine he’s going to continue to up his taser game. Although we do hope that the cruelly symbiotic relationship Reeves has with his fans doesn’t result in anything too dastardly—the people of Earth need this man to continue to shock his nervous system for their amusement. Plus, he’s a fantastic addition to the movement of brilliant engineers building crappy, yet still somehow delightful robots.

Speaking of which, maybe now would be a good time to find inspiration from other horrible robot builds and pitch some ideas to Reeves. Just imagine your idea for a tasering finger trap or tasering robot dog or really a tasering anything being built and used to briefly put Reeves in a world of pain. Because, quite apparently, he likes it. Or he’s trapped by the niche of robot he’s decided to claim and the reason he’s so angry all the time is because he’s constantly being tased.

What do you think about these fear- and pain-inducing pieces of office furniture? And if you could ever see Reeves build something that doesn’t involve tasers or other self-harming components, what would you want that to be? Shock us with your thoughts in the comments!

Header Image: Michael Reeves 

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