This Pizza Box Robot Lasers Your Eyeballs No Matter Where Your Face Moves

Warfare is changing fast in the early 21st century, with cyber sabotage evolving at a good clip and even the establishment of a defense program that is  literally called SKYNET (really). But April 17, 2017 will surely mark the day that everything changed—the day somebody would come back to if they were sent back in time to alter the future. The day that Michael Reeves, a software engineer and YouTuber with one video, changed the art of war forever with… his eyeball-lasering pizza box robot.

It will find your eye, and it will laser it.

The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye, or TRTSLYE (perhaps Ocular Ultra Careful Hurter or OUCH would work as an acronym?) is a project that Reeves made and posted to Reddit. Apparently he made the robot to answer one of the age-old questions of this existence: “Can I have a robot that recognizes my face and shoots me with lasers in the eyeball?”

Clearly, Reeves has achieved his goal, even though it looks like… RoboCop and a Dianoga mated and sent their progeny to burst, Xenomorph-like, out of a pizza box.

TRTSLYE uses a camera and facial recognition software to track Reeves’ face, and a laser attached to a couple of servo motors, which are used for pan and tilt. The result of Reeves’ work, despite it looking literally like something you’d find in the bottom of a Family Bros. Pizza restaurant dumpster, is a bot that’s excellent at executing its core function:

What do you think about this form of ocular light lashing? Would you subject yourself to the little Three Stooges laser-bot? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / Michael Reeves

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