This LEGO Vacuum Sucks Up All of Your Foot-Pain Worries

Oh, our feet!

Our little sweet feet — why do you stab at thee, LEGO bricks? Pray tell! For if not, you will get massively sucketh into this LEGO vacuum of cleanly doom.

Seriously, though, how much would you pay for this LEGO vacuum? ‘Cause it’s every builder’s dream come true.

This glorious vacuum contraption, which comes via Laughing Squid, was created by the folks at The King of Random, and is clearly going to be LEGO’s next hugely popular product. Anybody who’s built a few (thousand) LEGO sets knows that the worst part of building is cleaning up. Your back’s sore, maybe you’re not so happy with where your MOC is at, the movie you’re watching is over, you’re bloated from six pizza slices… and there’s that big pile of LEGO just staring at you.

But not with this bad boy! And while the build video makes the project seem a bit daunting—let’s be honest, cutting out circles with an Exacto knife and finding custom vacuum parts is probably harder than it looks—it still seems like this could be a clutch accessory for any frequent builders who are tired of cleaning up, and stepping on, small shards of plastic pain.

And if by chance all this talk about vacuuming up LEGO pieces that could potentially end up jammed real stiff-like in the sole of your foot has you wondering if there’s a chart for which LEGO pieces are the most painful to step on, there most certainly is.

What do you think about this LEGO vacuum? Do you need to build it, or do you have some kind of dustpan solution that you think works just as well? Let us know in the comments!

Images: YouTube / The King of Random 

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