The World’s Longest Water Slide Might Be Too Long

I have never, not once, turned down an opportunity to go on a water slide. They are one of life’s true simple pleasures. I’ve never been worried they were too fast, too dangerous, or too scary. But I’m starting to think it’s possible for a water slide to have one trait that makes it unappealing. Because the Guinness World Records holder for the longest water slide might actually be too long.

As anyone who has ever stood in line forever knows, water slides typically involve a whole lot of waiting for a quick burst of excitement. Sometimes your ride is over in a flash, but few last all that long period. That is not a problem for the new outdoor theme park ESCAPE located in Penang, Malaysia. They have built the longest inner tube/mat water slide anywhere in the world. Tucked away high amid a forest hillside, the slide twists and turns for a whopping 1,111 meters.

That’s 3,645 feet and one inch long. Which is like coasting across twelve football fields. The slide was measured and verified, start to finish, by Guinness World Records at ESCAPE’s grand opening on September 6.

A first-person shot of two people on a mat going down a blue and yellow water slideGuinness World Records

That lengthy journey takes a full three minutes to complete, which is pretty good value for your time in line. It’s why everything about it sounds amazing. Right up until you watch this first-person video of a two-person mat going down the slide.

The slide features plenty of slow spots, which makes it feel more like a nice ride on a lazy river. But it also has scattered bursts of fast rushes that send the riders teetering towards the edge. It’s kind of like a rollercoaster. That just goes on and on… and on and on.

Would I ride this water slide even though it’s too long? Yes, of course. I’ve never turned down a water slide and I’m not starting now. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I only went on it the one time. Even if I liked it, I’m not sure I’d have the time for a second ride.

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