This WILLY WONKA-Themed Hotel Room Is Mouthwatering

Did you find a golden ticket in your candy bar? Now, you don’t need one to enter the magical world of Willy Wonka. In news we first read on Time Out, The Chocolate Box Hotel is teaming up with to bring Wonka Vision (not to be confused with WandaVision) to life. So you can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory by staying in a Willy Wonka-themed hotel room!

The Chocolate Box Hotel already had a delightful chocolate theme, but now it is going even further.

According to a blog by

Coming soon to the hotel, the themed room will feature all things Willy Wonka-inspired; think lickable wallpaper with a variety of fruity flavours, a luxurious chocolate fountain with dipping fruit and marshmallows, jars of gobstoppers, gumballs, chocolates and sweets, complimentary drinks such as luxury hot chocolate, and on request (for an additional cost), chocolate-filled bathtub.
A Willy Wonka-themed hotel room filled with sweets and chocolates.

It does sound like a land of pure imagination! All edible sweets are even unlimited. The hotel will restock them for free at any point. To make the stay even more immersive, the hotel room’s keycard will be a golden ticket. This detail is sure to delight movie fans. The bedspread and furnishings even emulate Wonka’s factory.

The blog also assures guests they will replace such items as the lickable wallpaper between guest stays. Overall, a night in the Willy Wonka-room is not too steeply priced. shares, the room “will be available for £200 per night. The addition of the chocolate-filled bath comes at £150 per bath.”

A Willy Wonka-themed bathroom with a chocolate bath.

Hopefully, a stay at the hotel comes without a spoonful of Wonka’s (slightly scary) morality tales. More information about the Willy Wonka-themed hotel room is available. Those interested can fill out the Google form at the bottom of the official blog.

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