Learn How to Make Your Own WILLY WONKA Lick-able Wallpaper

There is almost no foodstuff from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory we would not want to eat or drink if given the opportunity. Fizzy Lifting Drink? Give us a six-pack, fans be damned. Everlasting Gobstoppers? We’ll suck and suck and suck on one until the Oompa Loompas come to take us away. But while we’re willing to consume everything in the factory, that doesn’t mean we want to lick everything there, because we have no idea whose tongue was enjoying that strawberry wallpaper before. That lick-able decor is secretly the grossest thing in the entire movie, and no one should go around tonguing industrial walls no matter the taste. Your own walls though? Go for it, with this do-it-yourself lick-able fruit wallpaper.

Just don’t worry about getting the right flavor for snozzberries.

The YouTube channel HealthyJunkFood made their very own version of Willy Wonka’s iconic (or rather, infamous) flavored wallpaper. Using a normal, everyday printer you might even have in your home or office, they put Google emojis onto edible icing sheets using print cartridges filled with food dye. The result was a modern-looking version of the sheets Wonka invited his way-too-eager guests to try and/or catch a disease from, only these are completely edible, too. From there they brushed on the correct flavors using extract.

Once they were done they put their connected sheets up on the wall in a dining hall, where people immediately tried it, which is totally insane. Don’t lick walls people, even if someone tells you it tastes like an orange or a banana, because the chances are it will most likely taste like a snozzberry, and for much worse reasons.

If you want to fulfill this childhood dream you didn’t realize was gross as a kid, then make it for yourself at home (you can find the recipe here), where you’ll know whether anyone was licking the wall before and who it was.

Featured Image: HealthyJunkFood

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