Which POWER RANGERS IN SPACE Episodes Actually Matter to the Plot

Power Rangers in Space might not be the first season of the show that pops into your head when you hear the words Power Rangers. And “good storytelling” might not be your first association with the franchise as a whole, either. But in 1998, the Power Rangers universe experienced a turning point by way of Power Rangers in Space. Although Mighty Morphin Power Rangers might be the incarnation of the show that gets the most attention, it’s Power Rangers in Space that’s a truly mighty version of what Power Rangers can be. In Space is the first season of Power Rangers to tell a serialized story throughout its episodes.

Among its other standard Power Rangers hallmarks, overly earnest catchphrases, campy monsters, so/so acting, and a great deal of fighting footage, In Space tells a compelling and surprisingly well-planned and plotted tale. And it brings a level of nuance and characterization to the Power Rangers table that wasn’t previously present—especially regarding In Space‘s multitude of compelling, complex, and occasionally downright terrifying villains. Of course, not every one of Power Rangers in Space‘s 43 episodes lends itself to the plot, but when we put together those that do, something special morphs into reality.

To hear more about why we think Power Rangers in Space is one excellent season of Power Rangers, perhaps its best ever, and beyond that, just a solid season of television full stop, check out the latest episode of Nerdist‘s podcast Laser Focus above. And then, once you’re excited, or, if you already are and want to rewatch, take a look below for our breakdown of episodes that tell the main story of Power Rangers in Space.

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These Power Rangers in Space Episodes Tell a Continous Story (And It’s Good!)

These episodes of In Space come together to form a television season closer to what we have come to expect in this day and age. They offer a continuous story with parts that can’t be moved around. Each episode relies on the next to create a plot that has you at the edge of your seat. And they cut down on the parts of Power Rangers that might be a little harder to consume past the age of five. Here’s our advice on how to watch Power Rangers in Space for the plot.

  • Season 6, Episodes 1 and 2: “From Out of Nowhere” (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Season 6, Episode 3: “Save Our Ship” (Optional, but sets up some good characterization)
  • Season 6, Episode 5: “Never Stop Searching”
  • Season 6, Episode 11: “The Delta Discovery” (Optional, but touches on Zordon’s overall arc)
  • Season 6, Episode 14: “The Barillian Sting”
  • Season 6, Episode 16: “Flashes of Darkonda”
  • Season 6, Episode 18: “True Blue to the Rescue” (Highly Optional, but features Turbo Ranger Justin)
  • Season 6, Episode 20: “Survival of the Silver”
  • Season 6, Episode 21: “Red with Envy”
  • Season 6, Episode 22: “The Silver Secret”
  • Season 6, Episode 24: “Zhane’s Destiny”
  • Season 6, Episode 25: “Always a Chance” (Optional, but features an excellent guest appearance by Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Adam)
  • Season 6, Episode 26: “The Secret of the Locket”
  • Season 6, Episode 27: “Astronema Thinks Twice”
  • Season 6, Episode 28: “The Rangers’ Leap of Faith”
  • Season 6, Episodes 29 and 30: “Dark Specter’s Revenge” (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Season 6, Episodes 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39: The Psycho Ranger Arc (Optional, but really good!)
  • Season 6, Episodes 42-43: “Countdown to Destruction” (Parts 1 and 2)

That’s not to say the rest of the Power Rangers in Space episodes aren’t good. Many of them are a lot of fun and do feed into the season’s main themes. Often even the monsters of the week highlight In Space‘s questions of good, evil, and destiny. But to follow the main story along, the above is what you need.

Watch Power Rangers in Space on YouTube

If you’re wondering where to watch Power Rangers in Space, we have an easy answer. Luckily for you, you can enjoy the season on YouTube courtesy of the official Power Rangers channel. Check out the first episode of Power Rangers in Space, an essential one, below—or head to the full season playlist.

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