What Are SHADOW AND BONE’s Amplifiers? The Three Objects and Their Powers, Explained

Season two of Shadow and Bone is almost here. Alina Starkov is set on bringing down the Shadow Fold and stopping the absolutely not-dead General Kirigan. She discovered her ability as the Sun Summoner in season one of the show, based on the book series of the same name by Leigh Bardugo. The end of Shadow and Bone‘s first season saw Alina gain an amplifier, in the form of the stag’s antlers, that increased her power. And now, Alina needs more amplifiers to strengthen her power enough to take on Kirigan and his new army of shadow monsters. In Shadow and Bone, Alina searches for three specific amplifiers known as Morozova’s amplifiers which take the form of mystical creatures.

If you’re wondering what exactly amplifiers do, though, and why they’re so important to Alina, we have answers for you without spoiling precisely what happens with the amplifiers in the Shadow and Bone TV series or books.

Alina with the stag amplifier fused to her neck in Shadow and Bone

What Are Shadow and Bone’s Amplifiers and What Do They Do?

In short, Shadow and Bone‘s amplifiers increase a Grisha’s power. Whatever the Grisha’s order or particular abilities are, an amplifier bolsters it. Amplifiers are animals, humans, or any remains of such beings. Known amplifiers in the Grishaverse have included shark teeth and a bear skin. Sometimes amplifiers are living beings, as is the case with Morozova’s amplifiers—the very ones Alina is trying to collect.

Grisha usually only possess one amplifier, if they have any at all. For one thing, it’s not easy to come by an amplifier. Also, using more than one amplifier is impossible for most Grisha. It throws too much out of balance. Grisha use amplifiers simply by wearing them on their person and using their abilities as usual.

Morozova’s Amplifiers

Ilya Morozova was one of the early Grisha and was considered a saint, or Sankt. Focused on creating amplifiers, the Fabrikator made three living amplifiers in the form of mythical creatures. Many in Ravka believe Morozova’s work to be mere myth. In fact, stories about Morozova’s amplifiers appeared in Istorii Sankt’ya (The Lives of Saints), a children’s book of tales about Ravka’s thirteen saints (it’s a book within the Shadow and Bone series, but also exists as a book on its own).

However, Alina and Mal found proof of Morozova’s amplifiers when they found the stag. To make the amplifiers, Morozova used pieces of his own bones. The very act—creating something from nothing—was forbidden. This unnatural origin made the amplifiers powerful but also volatile, especially if a Grisha tries to use all three of Morozova’s amplifiers at once.

The Stag Amplifier
The white stag, a living amplifier, stands in the forest in Shadow and Bone. The white stag is one of Morozova's amplifiers.

Alina and Mal found the stag at the end of season one. The few Ravkans who believed in the myth searched for the stag and its herd for ages. Whoever killed the stag, or any of the living amplifiers in Shadow and Bone, gained the strength from its amplifier powers. Alina decided not to kill it, realizing she could claim the stag’s power without ending its life. However, General Kirigan killed the stag and had one of his Grisha turn the stag’s antlers into a permanent collar for Alina. The collar connected Kirigan to Alina, and he tried to use her Sun Summoner powers against her.

The Sea Whip Amplifier

Season two will see Alina and Mal trying to locate the mythical Sea Whip and Firebird, Morozova’s other two amplifiers. The sea whip is a sea-dwelling dragon. The legendary beast was found in the pages of stories. Bardugo’s books describe the sea whip as “a shimmering, undulating white shape.”

The Firebird Amplifier

The mythical firebird appears prominently in Ravkan folklore. With wings of flames, diamond tears, and healing feathers, legends held the firebird in awe. The books describe the firebird as having a large, powerful beak, sharp talons, and wings with flames along the edges. Like all of Morozova’s amplifiers, the firebird is white.

Shadow and Bone season two premieres on Netflix on March 16.

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