We’ve Got Our Eyes on the New CR LOVES: GODZILLA Collection

Crunchyroll and Toho International have teamed up for a kaiju-sized collaboration! We could tell you about the things that make up the new collection: the neon bright clothes, boldly designed totes, and striking hoodies, all emblazoned with Godzilla‘s instantly recognizable face.

Or we could just show you the Godzilla HugMe Vibrating 16-Inch Plush. We choose the plush.

GODZILLA HugMe Vibrating 16-Inch Plush

Crunchyoll / Toho

Okay, we’ll tell you about the amazing new clothing, too.

Crunchyroll is back with another fantastic CR Loves streetwear collection, this time featuring the King of Monsters himself. We’re big fans of the eye-catching colors. Three long-sleeved shirts, two t-shirts, three hoodies, and a tote with designs inspired by panels in manga and comic books make up the streetwear collection. The nine pieces, exclusive to CR Loves, proudly show off an edgy and unmistakable homage to Godzilla and his friends.

CR Loves: Godzilla

Crunchyroll / Toho

There are also a few collectible plush and glow-in-the-dark vinyl toys available to pre-order—including the aforementioned vibrating plush. (We are mesmerized by it.)

The latest CR Loves collection celebrates Godzilla terrorizing audiences since 1954 through his appearances in more than 30 films, in both Japan and the U.S.

“It has been such a fantastic experience collaborating with Crunchyroll on the designs seen in the brand-new Godzilla collection, and we’re excited to bring our fans new, everyday ways to celebrate the King of the Monsters,” said Lora Cohn, Managing Director at Toho International.

Streetwear prices range from $19.95 to $54.95. The collection is available for pre-sale now exclusively on the Crunchyroll Store. Pre-orders are only open through June 22, though. And once the pre-order comes to an end, this collection will no longer be available.

So don’t delay. You want this amazing Godzilla plush in your life, right?

Featured Image: Crunchyroll / Toho

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