Crunchyroll’s RE:ZERO Streetwear Takes You to Another World (Exclusive)

You might not be able to start your life over in another world like the hero of Re:Zero, but you can start your boring wardrobe over with this fan-tastic new streetwear collection from Crunchyroll!

Available only on the Crunchyroll store starting today, October 10, the limited Re:Zero capsule collection by Crunchyroll Loves includes five colorful anime-inspired items: one hoodie, two long sleeve shirts, one T-shirt, and a patch. You’ll find your favorite characters from Re:Zero in bold, eye-catching designs, featuring Emilia, Rem, and Subaru like you’ve never seen them before.

Crunchyroll’s RE:ZERO Streetwear Takes You to Another World (Exclusive)_1Crunchyroll

“In anticipation of future Re:ZERO content, we wanted to create a collection to hold fans over until the new season premieres,” said Kristin Parcell, head of commerce for Crunchyroll. “Our fans really love this show so we wanted to give them something they could enjoy while they wait.”

Crunchyroll’s RE:ZERO Streetwear Takes You to Another World (Exclusive)_2Crunchyroll

If you haven’t caught up on Re:Zero, there’s no better time to start watching than right now on Crunchyroll. Young Subaru Natsuki finds himself transported to a fantastical world without warning one day, and the dangers that lurk there are deadly. Shortly after arriving, he wakes up suddenly to discover not only did he meet an untimely end, but that he has started over with the chance to live the day again and prevent his death from ever happening in the first place. Will Subaru manage to survive in this new world, much less ever make it back home?

You can only find items in these amazing capsule collections through the Crunchyroll online store. (Previous collections have included Junji Ito, DARLING in the FRANXX, Mob Psycho 100, Bananya, and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.) Items will not be restocked once they are sold out, and unlike Subaru, you won’t get a chance to live your day over and buy them before they’re gone. So don’t delay!

Featured Image: Crunchyroll

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