Weezer Exits Physical Realm to Debut New Song in a Video Game

It seems as though Weezer has gotten all it can get out of our dimension. The alt rock collective has been delighting American cochleae since 1992; the bulk of their first two decades on Earth Prime reaped original hits testing the bounds of popularity. But it appears that even for Weezer, physical reality has its limits. Their past few years have been marked by varyingly creative covers of other artists’ famous pop numbers. But perhaps all Weezer needed to get the juices flowing once more was to leave time and space altogether. And so they have. And, as seems to be the trend these days, they have ventured into the virtual realm for their next creative venture.

On Thursday, Weezer debuted a brand new song, “Tell Me What You Want.” And where did the premiere performance take place but the aptly named Weezy Mode—a level inside the skateboarding video game Wave Break. You can enjoy your first earful of the song in the new trailer for the game’s wintry stage.

Funktronic Labs’ Wave Break is available to play on Stream and Nintendo Switch. In addition to availability within the game (which may require a code), Weezer’s song will hit streaming platforms on Friday. Here’s a bit more info from Funktronic’s press release:

In an effort to eliminate the challenges creators often face with popular music, Weezer and Funktronic Labs, in partnership with Crush Games, have taken steps to ensure “Tell Me What You Want” is stream-safe, so it can be freely used on Twitch, YouTube and anywhere else without being blocked or losing monetization. Additionally, the song will be available to Twitch creators via its rights-cleared audio library, Twitch Soundtrack.

Coinciding with the performance was the announcement of an exclusive 7-inch vinyl release for “Tell Me What You Want” made in partnership with our friends at iam8bit. The vinyl, with a decorative wave pattern on the B-side and housed in a custom jacket designed by Cory Schmitz, will be available for pre-order tonight at 9 p.m. PDT on  iam8bit.com!

A wintry realm with a big W in the snow below a big screen displaying Weezer.

Funktronic Games

May we all be so lucky as to desert this stifling space-time continuum someday.

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