WANDAVISION’s Randall Park Wants Jimmy Woo to Have Superpowers

After the mystery and intrigue of the first three episodes of WandaVision, episode four answered some of our biggest questions. But more importantly it brought back two of our fan favorite characters in Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo. The pair brought humanity and humor in the midst of the surreal series and it was a delight. We were lucky enough to chat with Randall Park, who brings the FBI agent to life, and it turns out the actor was just as happy as we were to see Jimmy return to the MCU!

Monica and Jimmy look confused in WandaVision


After the thrills and spills of WandaVision episode four, fans called out for more… of Darcy and Jimmy. Even with all the reveals and shocks, what we all wanted to know was whether we could get more of the scientist/FBI team up. Perhaps in an X-Files style series set in the MCU where they solve mysteries? While it’s all still just a dream now, Park is very clear about whether he’d be on board. Park said, “Of course! In a heartbeat I would do that. Just to stay in the Marvel Universe but also to work with Kat Dennings again. It would just be a joy.”

With the clear love for his character and fans desperate for more Jimmy, we were wondering if Park was familiar with the Agents of Atlas comics. For those of you who haven’t read them, the current run sees Jimmy leading a team of Asian superheroes. So, is that something that Park would like to explore? “Really, anything!” Park laughed. “I just love playing the character so much. And I love being in the Marvel Universe. That’s like a dream come true. So if they wanted to do anything—if they wanted to Jimmy would come back and to be a background player I would do it—just to be around that energy because it’s so fun. And if there was a project like that or the Darcy Lewis Jimmy Woo Mystery Show, I would do it no questions asked!”

Randall Park and Kat Dennings in WandaVision


Park told us about his dream Jimmy Woo project. “I think it would be cool if I somehow got superpowers,” he said. “And just became like the ultimate superpower in all the Marvel Universe. To see him using this power in really kind of childish and innocent ways. Because he’s a very sweet and sincere character, so I think that would be pretty cool.”

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