D’oh! You’ll Want All of Vans’ SIMPSONS Shoes and Merch

Just over thirty years ago, The Simpsons took the world by storm. It became an instant pop culture phenomenon. And with the show’s popularity came merchandise out the wazoo. Vans’ new collection, however, which we learned about via io9, might be the coolest ever Simpsons-inspired merchandise. If only for this amazing pair of sandals designed to look like Homer’s favorite pink frosted donuts.

Homer's donut sandals


Our next favorite set of shoes from this Simpsons collection is the below pair of sneakers. They showcase Marge and her sisters. The Bouvier sibling’s iconic hairdos protrude, giving the shoes a 3D element. On the flip side of the shoe, Marge, Patty, and Selma show off their legs.

Marge Simpson and sisters shoes


Sadly, Lisa Simpson is not running for President this year (if only). But you can still show your support for the most deserving candidate with these “Lisa Simpson for President” sneakers. Yes, we are aware that Lisa was only running for President of the Springfield Elementary Student Council, but we still wish she was POTUS.

Lisa Simpson shoes and sweatshirt


Springfield’s first family didn’t always look the way we know them today. Before making it big, they appeared in shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show in the ’80s. The next footwear pair features the proto-versions on one side, with the well-known versions on the other. This is the ideal shoe for the die-hard Simpsons nerd out there.

Simpsons then and now shoes


Homer and the other regular customers at Moe’s Tavern get a special shoe of their own, featuring the groovy window pattern of Springfield’s most popular dive bar.

Moe's Tavern shoes


The below pair of slip-on sneakers includes almost all the main characters from the series. Well, The Simpsons have about 100 recurring characters, so maybe not everyone. But pretty darn close!

Simpsons character shoes


You can now celebrate the eternal struggle of Itchy and Scratchy with these amazing slip-ons.

Itchy and Scratchy shoes


Bart Simpson’s vandal alter-ego El Barto gets a shout out too.

Vans El Barto merch


There are a metric ton of accompanying pieces, too. The Simpsons collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, short sleeve shirts, hoodies, and jackets. See everything below:

Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection

Vans Simpsons collection

Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection Vans Simpsons collection


This Simpsons-themed collection will drop on August 7th at Vans.com. Prices haven’t been announced yet, but as often happens with these limited-edition items, they’ll likely sell out quickly.

Featured Image: Vans

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