THE SIMPSONS Offer Words of Wisdom to Class of 2020

COVID-19 has made traditional graduation ceremonies impossible. The Class of 2020 still deserves recognition, though, which is why celebrities have been giving them virtual commencement speeches. That has included some pretty big names, like former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. WWE star John Cena also kicked off a special Dr. Seuss graduation celebration. And iHeartMedia put together a whole podcast series full of well-known figures to make sure students know they haven’t been forgotten. Now, a very famous family has also offered up some words of wisdom to graduates. Kinda. They’re definitely some words for the Class of 2020. But not all of The Simpsons advice was wise, especially after quarantining together for months.

That doesn’t their commencement speech was all bad. Because a global pandemic has made even Homer love his annoying neighbor.

Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa Simpson spoke to this year’s graduates in a YouTube Originals short (which we first saw at /Film). Well, technically a stressed out Marge didn’t so much talk as she did mutter. Quarantine has clearly not been easy for her.

And Bart’s “advice” merely consisted of showing his butt.

THE SIMPSONS Offer Words of Wisdom (Sorta) to Class of 2020_1YouTube Originals/Disney

As usual, Lisa was there to save the day (with a little help from Homer, who finally got his head through his graduation gown). The pair went over some of the unexpected positive that have come out of the last three months. That includes having cleaner air, animals finding homes, and being able to drink at 10 a.m. (As though college students ever needed a global pandemic to do that.)

But the Simpsons’ most important message for the Class of 2020 is a good one all the time: “Love your neighbor, even if it’s Flanders.” For Homer to say that, you know he means it.

Don’t actually start drinking at 10 a.m., though, Class of 2020. Well, unless you live with Homer and Bart. Then it’s understandable.

Featured Image: YouTube Originals/Disney

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