Show Off Your Burger Love with In-N-Out Themed Shoes

There are always going to be West Coast vs. East Coast rivalries. But there is one we think the West Coast safely wins: the Burger Wars. And that is due to one factor. California is the original home to the delicious In-N-Out Burger chain.

Thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve found the perfect way for you to show your love for this iconic American brand. Behold these amazing In-N-Out themed shoes, sporting the chain’s famous drink cup design.

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In-N-Out actually has a whole line of apparel that use the designs from their classic logo. Although they’ve had merchandise such as t-shirts and shorts over the years, they’ve topped that with their new “Drink Cup Shoes.” This pair of polycanvas white slip-on sneakers comes with the very mid-century California design of red lines and palm trees. That’s a design that’s been featured on their drink cups for decades.

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In-N-Out is one of America’s oldest fast food chains, going back to 1948. But they are also one of the only ones to not franchise, staying family owned. Which is probably why their quality is so much better than pretty much any other fast food chain. Ask anyone who lives on the West Coast (and now Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Texas), but nothing hits the spot like In-N-Out ‘Double Double’ with fries.

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If you want to complete your In-n-Out aesthetic, the burger empire is also featuring socks with the same palm tree design on them. The socks come both in classic red and white, as well as red and green. The shoes will set you back $64.99, while the socks come in at $22.00 for a pack of two. And if neither of those products impress you? Don’t worry. There is an even larger variety of In-N-Out items, which you can check out now if you head on over to their online store.

Featured Image: In-N-Out

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