Universal to Open Permanent Horror-Themed Experience in Las Vegas

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is a spooky season staple at both the Orlando and Hollywood parks for decades now. However, they are seasonal events. Meaning if you want zombies and killer clowns to chase you outside of September and October, you’re out of luck. Until now, that is. The Universal Studios folks behind Halloween Horror Nights are now bringing a year-round horror experience to Las Vegas.

According to Universal Parks and Resorts, this original concept will bring to life Universal’s vast library of classic horror films and modern horror. The new experience will be situated in Las Vegas’ immersive AREA15 entertainment district. (Not to be confused with Area 51, that’s a whole other part of Nevada). You can check out the first concept art down below.

Concept art for Universal Studios new Las Vegas permanent horror themed experience.
Universal Parks and Resorts

This new Universal Studios horror experience will occupy a 110,000-square-foot space, one that will offer a variety of unique, immersive, fantastic horror-centric experiences. The food and beverage spaces by day will turn into haunting bars and eateries by night. Much like Halloween Horror Nights, the space will continuously get an update. This new expansion will mark the first time Universal has created a permanent horror experience beyond their theme parks. There will also be seasonal events at the Las Vegas Universal Studios outpost, no doubt around Halloween, and one-of-a-kind merchandise for the legions of horror collectors out there.

So far, this new horror-themed experience doesn’t have a name. And no haunt experience details are available so far. Since Universal often licenses its haunt experiences from other non-Universal IP, chances are the permanent experience will feature characters they own outright. So we imagine we’ll see the classic Universal Monsters, like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy arrive in Vegas. But it’s possible we see more modern characters from Universal horror films too. We think that M3GAN is just ripe for a maze of her own. There is no opening date as of yet for this new Las Vegas Universal Studios experience… But, hopefully, they open around Halloween. If only for tradition’s sake.

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