Alamo Drafthouse PSA Shows M3GAN Doesn’t Want You Talking or Texting in the Theater

The movie M3GAN doesn’t come out for several weeks, but already, the killer robot doll is a star. What can we say, from the moment the first images and trailers dropped, the internet deemed her a meme-worthy icon. And the early buzz on the film suggests it’s actually as fun as the trailers suggest. Now, the folks at Alamo Drafthouse are using M3GAN to urge their patrons to not talk or text during the movie. Because if you don’t, she might take matters into her own hands. No one wants that. We have the exclusive debut of the special Alamo Drafthouse M3GAN “Don’t Talk” PSA right here:

Look, if you talk or text during a movie, you’ve got whatever M3GAN has planned coming to ya. And if she does a little creepy dance after she takes care of business, we’re not going to judge her. There is simply nothing worse about going to movies in this modern era than people talking and texting during the show. They should really just go ahead and make that a crime. And if they don’t, we’re just going to need cute killer robot dolls to enforce the house rules.

megan in m3gan trailer
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Although the movie is not out yet, we already rank M3GAN over most other killer dolls. Annabelle? She just sits there and things happen around her. Just not the same. (Plus, M3GAN has better hair). Talky Tina from The Twilight Zone? She’s the OG evil doll, of course. But M3GAN takes her creepy factor and bumps it up several notches. Chucky of course is still the monarch of all killer dolls. But watch out Charles, we think M3GAN is coming for your crown.

M3GAN is produced by James Wan and Jason Blum, and directed by Gerard Johnstone. It hits theaters on January 6, 2023.

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