Celebrate TWIN PEAKS with Watch Party and Vintage Footage

Twin Peaks is one of the greatest pieces of television to ever make it to the small screen. The seminal series, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, lives on today, attracting new audiences at every turn, inspiring fashion and creative choices, and introducing surrealism in micro-doses to the unsuspecting.

This week marks the 30th anniversary of the show, which first aired on April 8, 1990, and there are lots of celebrations happening accordingly despite the coronavirus lockdown. Although a big cast reunion and fan convention at Graceland is postponed until fall, those close to Twin Peaks are finding other ways to honor the series’ legacy.

For instance, Kyle MacLachlan, who played FBI Agent Dale Cooper, will host a #TwinPeaksWatchParty on Twitter.

And another account is hosting a vintage footage celebration on Twitch. COR-on-TeeVee—or Cool Old Recordings—will spend the day with a marathon of rare Twin Peaks content, culminating at 8 p.m. ET tonight (April 8) with the original 1990 broadcast of the Twin Peaks pilot. This showing will include the commercial breaks that aired during that broadcast, making for a transcendent viewing experience. It’s basically a walk back through time.

Watch along at this link to see what other vintage Twin Peaks goodies the Twitch channel uncovers. Maybe it’ll include these Georgia Coffee commercials that aired in Japan during the height of Twin Peaks mania in the early 1990s.

Or maybe they’ll unearth even more commercials promoting the series, complete with that crackling VHS-quality we miss so much.

Maybe they’ll even air the full length version of this old Phil Donahue interview with the cast.

We’ll be following along for that special trip down memory lane. And for fans who never got to experience Twin Peaks live during the height of its popularity, this is a great time capsule to see how mad the world went for this show way back when.

Featured Image: ABC

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