Optimus Prime and Megatron Duke It Out in TRANSFORMERS Stop-Motion Fan Film

Michael Bay’s  Transformers films may have made billions of dollars to date, but even that likely pales in comparison to how much Hasbro’s toy line has earned over the three decades (and counting) that it’s been dominating America’s toy scene. Who among us hasn’t sat in our bedrooms at night making Optimus Prime and Megatron fight to the death? YouTuber Counter656 certainly has, and has turned his passion into great entertainment for the rest of us. Counter656 has been making stop motion videos for the last nine years, ranging from Gundam to Dragonball fights. Their most recent video of various Transformers beating the gears out of each other might be their best. Check it out below.

The toys being used are from the movies, but the sentiment has been around since 1984, when the first kids got to turn Optimus Prime from a semi-truck into a freaking robot! Here, Optimus must stop Megatron from eliminating any more Autobots. Subsequent fights have a little less story, with the Autobots taking on Helicopter Boy Blackout and Dinobot Grimlock in straight up brawls.

With added special effects, the video looks almost like a high budget CGI cartoon. The result is one of the smoothest stop motion videos I have ever seen; the movements are so fluid it’s frankly mystifying how one could do it with just a camera and some software.

Are these better than the movies? Should the Michael Bay series adopt the medium of stop-motion animation for its next installment? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Paramount

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