Tom Holland and Zendaya Talk SPIDER-MAN Stunts and Suit Concerns

Even though Tom Holland and Zendaya already start in little movies called Spider-Man, we say these two need to have their own talk show, stat. They are too funny together. And they make us even more excited for  Spider-Man: No Way HomeRecently, they appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside The Witcher‘s Henry Cavill and Loki‘s Gugu Mbatha-Raw. And they had some stories to tell.

Tom Holland and Zendaya share funny stories on the Graham Norton show - A straw going into Spidey's eye and Zendaya holding Holland
The Graham Norton Show

First up, a tale of a size difference.

In a stunt involving a bridge, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is supposed to gently rest Zendaya’s MJ on solid ground. The problem? Holland is shorter than Zendaya resulting in an awkward dance. And concluding in Zendaya actually carrying Spider-Man in her arms. Holland and Zendaya graciously demonstrated on the show. And Holland shared, “It was so nice to be caught for a change.”

Honestly, we think they should have left that version in. Not even Spider-Man can defeat every law of physics.

Next up, a story that resulted in a truly cursed image. Did you think you knew all about the villains in Spider-Man: No Way Home? Think again because it sounds like the Spidey suit is the true villain of the movie.

Holland shares the perils of his costume. And folks, it sounds like a lot. So much so that Zendaya thinks we need to start an awareness campaign. Someone help the superheroes. The long and the short of it, once the suit is on… it’s pretty hard for Tom Holland to do anything in a hurry. Zendaya even asks, what if he had to vomit? Well… I guess we can intuit the answer there.

Tom Holland also shared an image of what it’s like to drink something in the suit. And basically, it’s something out of a horror movie. Someone, please give Spider-Man a mouth that opens.

Our last favorite part from the show? Henry Cavill discussed his love of Warhammer. Which is not like World of Warcraft at all. He described the wargame which involves collecting miniatures. And made it sound totally cool.

The best part? It sounds like Tom Holland is also a bonafide nerd and wants to come over to play. That’s one game we’d like to attend, thank you very much. Short of that, we’ll tune in to see Tom Holland and Zendaya in  Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 17. Funnily enough, we’ll also see Henry Cavill in The Witcher season 2 on that same day.

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