Toddler Refuses to Go Anywhere Without His Skeleton Friend

There’s never a bad time for the universe to provide us with videos of an adorable youngster. We need them right now though. And that’s exactly what one patient, wonderful mom is giving us. She’s been posting TikToks and Instagram photos of her son and his unusual best bud. These friends aren’t just perfect for 2020 though. They’re perfect for the spooky season.

Because this young boy refuses to go anywhere without his five-foot tall skeleton pal named Benny.

Toddler Refuses to Go Anywhere Without His Skeleton Friend_1Abigail K. Brady

Abigail K. Brady has been posting truly delightful videos of her son Theo and his best friend Benny (which we learned about thanks to the The Washington Post‘s own TikTok star Dave Jorgensen). Benny is really a Halloween decoration.

Not that Theo cares.

@abigailkbradyMotherhood is fun ##GetTheLook ##halloweenvibes ##skeletondance ♬ original sound – Eli Wingert

It all started when the youngster refused to go to their local reservoir without his oversized skeleton. But he didn’t just want to take Benny for the ride. He made sure to take his pale pal everywhere he went. That included going down the slide, sitting on the water, and even taking a dip.

The video is so wonderful and pure we’re not sure how this is even happening in 2020. But it’s real, and it gets even better from there. Theo hangs with Benny all the time now, including reading him a bedtime story.

@abigailkbradyHead over to my Instagram highlights for more ##toddler ##halloweenvibes ##skeleton ♬ New Slang – Album – The Shins

They even worked out joint Halloween costumes.

And a skeleton and his little friend dressed as ghosts is too good for both this world and the supernatural realm.

@abigailkbradyReply to @bribifunctional toddler ghost didn’t want to cooperate ##ghostphotoshoot ##skeleton ##halloween ♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

Of course, as every parent has probably already realized, Theo absolutely won’t go anywhere without Benny now. Which is how you end up with a toddler and a giant skeleton “eating” and grocery shopping together.

@abigailkbradyBenny and Theo’s excellent adventure at the grocery store ##halloween ##halloweenvibes ##toddler ##toddlermama ♬ You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Cavetown

So how did Theo and Benny end up being besties? It’s a tale as old as time. Kinda. Theo came across the skeleton after a flooding problem and was enamored with it. His mom knew it was easier to let the pair hang out than it was to explain to a child why carrying a five-foot skeleton everywhere is kind of weird.

Which has been great for Theo, Benny, and all of us.

@abigailkbradyHow Benny came to be apart of the family ##HelloFall ##toddler ##skeleton ♬ original sound – Abby

We always want to see videos of little kids being adorable. But obviously we need more of them to involve plastic skeletons too.

Toddler Refuses to Go Anywhere Without His Skeleton Friend_2Abigail K. Brady

Featured Image: Abigail K. Brady

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