“Pizza Baby” is the Internet’s Best New Chef

One thing I did not expect to happen during social distancing was becoming absolutely sick and tired of food. I mean, I still love to eat. I’m still doing plenty (too much) of that. But when you have to make every meal, every day, day after day, food itself becomes tedious. At least it was until I found the perfect inspiration to remind me why cooking can be so joyful. Because “Pizza Baby” is the world’s most adorable little chef, and he’s making quarantine cooking a whole lot of fun.

The internet’s newest sensation is one-year-old Chef Kobe. A video of him making a pizza is pure and wholesome in the best ways, just like all his videos. According to his own website Kobe Eats, the bubbly little fella with a big smile loves to “investigate new ingredients, feel new textures, and learn practical skills like pouring, scooping, and measuring.” He does it all under the watchful eye of his sous chef/mother.

“Pizza Baby” is the Internet’s Best New Chef_2Kobe Eats

But little Kobe isn’t just there to look cute. He’s really helping to make dishes. He adds spices, rolls out dough, and even tosses kebabs on the grill. Does he have a penchant for eating his ingredients while cooking? Yes. Is that part of the reason we relate to an infant so much? Also yes.

Don’t worry Kobe. We also use too much garlic powder.

The culinary child also knows it’s important to make healthy choices. Like when he whipped up some vegan banana chocolate chip bars.

He might even be responsible for that pancake cereal craze we just heard about.

Does he still have some culinary skills to master? Of course. Even the most seasoned vets are always learning. But Kobe is getting there. He knows it’s a good idea to taste your food as you cook. But it’s not ideal to cook what you’ve tasted. Or to let your dog lick the bowl while you’re making it.

But that only applies to adult chefs. Kobe can do whatever he wants because he’s the best!

You can find more wonderful videos of Kobe cooking at his Instagram page.

And I’m going to watch them all. I might be sick of cooking every meal. But I will never, ever get sick of watching Chef Kobe cook. Think he’s taking reservations for when we can go back to restaurants?

Featured Image: Kobe Eats

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