STAR TREK: VOYAGER Cast Reminisce in Documentary Teaser

Star Trek: Voyager might not have ever had the same amount of attention as The Next Generation received. But it also ran for seven seasons, and was groundbreaking in its own way. And not just for having Star Trek’s first female captain with their own series. Although that was indeed a milestone. There remains a sizeable fanbases for the adventures of Captain Janeway and her lost crew. Especially once the show found new life on streaming.

Now, via Gizmodo, we’ve learned that the crew behind the excellent Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind have locked their scanners to Voyager. In production now is To The Journey, which chronicles the difficulties and triumphs of seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant. And they’ve released a six-minute teaser to give fans an idea of what to expect, which you can watch above.

From the looks of that clip, it seems most of the main cast reunited for this documentary. Of course, we’ve got Captain Janeway herself, Kate Mulgrew. But it also features Tim Russ, Garrett Wang, Robert Beltran, Robert Duncan McNeill, Ethan Phillips, and Robert Picardo. We still don’t know if  Roxann Dawson, Jeniffer Lien, or Jeri Ryan were involved at all. But as they haven’t finished filming the documentary yet, hope springs eternal. Roxann Dawson is a prominent television director these days, and of course, Ryan is currently playing Seven of Nine again on Star Trek: Picard.

The cast of Star Trek: Voyager.
Paramount Television

Voyager had as many wild behind-the-scenes antics as any other Trek series. Maybe even more. Their original Janeway, French actress Geneviève Bujold, was replaced with Mulgrew while the pilot was still filming. The addition of Seven of Nine (and the show’s sudden lopsided focus on her) also created a lot of drama. And then TNG and DS9 writer/producer Ronald D. Moore came aboard in season six, but left abruptly when he realized the freedom he had on the other Treks would not happen on Voyager, which had to carry a whole network on its shoulders. We imagine one or all of these things will receive attention.

For more information on To The Journey, head on over the film’s official website.

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