Thing Takes Us BTS of WEDNESDAY and Conquers NYC

Wednesday blew up over the Thanksgiving holiday, rating as one of Netflix’s biggest debuts ever. Clearly, there was a cultural hunger for the acerbic, deadpan wit of Wednesday Addams. But although she was the main Addams in Tim Burton’s series, at her side always was the loyal disembodied hand, Thing. Her parents made sure that their trusty right hand (or is it left?) accompanied their daughter to Nevermore Academy. And Thing often stole the show. Now, to celebrate the success of Wednesday, Netflix did a promotion in NYC, where they released a working, mechanical Thing into the streets. And the reactions from folks who came across it were hysterical. You can watch the full “Wednesday Releases Thing in New York” video down below:

The sight of a walking hand freaked people the heck out as one would expect. Everyone from crying babies to flustered grandmas. A few nuns even came across Thing, and hilariously, one of them stuck her tongue out at him. Maybe she thought Thing was “ of the Devil.” Of course, since this is New York City, Thing also encountered a rather large rat. It wouldn’t be New York without one of those entering the picture, would it? The real question is, did Thing have any pizza in NYC? We’re not really sure if (or how) Thing eats, but we have to wonder.

The Addams Family's Thing rides a skateboard.

In the end, the trusty Addams appendage returned to his charge, who was waiting for him as she looked on at the Statue of Liberty. This was just a fun promotional video, but if season two of Wednesday pulls a Friday the 13th Part VIII and does a “Thing Takes Manhattan,” this video sold us on that being an episode. And hey, maybe Cousin It can join in season two as well. We’ve got to see that furball at some point on Wednesday, right? Maybe he can join the faculty at Nevermore. And after seeing how quick on his fingers he is, we volunteer Thing as his secretary.

In the meantime, we can get joy from Thing’s very interesting behind-the-scenes moments from season one. While many thought that Thing was really good CGI, it turns out an actual whole human played the role. And seeing photos of actor Victor Dorobantu in his all-blue outfit while following Jenna Ortega around. He deserves an award for making a hand so expressive.

We love to see all of it! There can never be enough Thing in the world.

Originally published November 30, 2022.

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