Wednesday Addams’ Dance Routine Is Sparking Social Media Joy

Wednesday Addams may have a penchant for all things dark and spooky but her new series is sparking a ton of internet delight. (And we can always use more of that!) From her sharp and often witty quotes to her upgraded yet classic black-and-white wardrobe, there’s so much to love about the Addams family daughter. But the scene we really love from this series is when Wednesday Addams hits the dance floor for a fun and very goth-inspired routine. 

In the series, Wednesday attends Nevermore Academy’s school dance. Is it somewhat against her will? Sure. But she went anyway. Of course, she bucks convention and shows up at the all-white affair in a stunning black gown. A fashion icon, always. And, when Wednesday hits the dance floor with Tyler, she gets into it when her song comes on.

The song in question is The Cramps’ “Goo Goo Muck,” an ‘80s cover version of Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads 1962 song of the same name. The songs lyrics and overall feel certainly sound like something that Wednesday would enjoy. And her dance persona fits her personality perfectly, making the crowd stop and stare in awe at her rare moment of having “normal fun.” 

wednesday addams dance scene with jenna ortega in netflix series

Wednesday Addams’ dance scene has quite the backstory in a couple of ways. First, actress Jenna Ortega choreographed it herself. According to an interview, she said she felt quite nervous about the routine; however, she obviously pulls it off with style. Ortega’s moves were inspired by some rad artists, including Siouxsie Sioux and Bob Fosse as well as some footage of ‘80s goths getting down.

And, she also namechecks Lisa Loring, who played the ‘60s TV version of Wednesday. In the show, she teaches Lurch how to do “The Drew” and Ortega’s Wednesday gives a small nod to her predecessor’s cute jig. If you wanna scroll back up and spot it, it comes up at around the :51 mark.

It’s really cool to see an iconic character like Wednesday Addams get a new version. And it is even sweeter to see her making an impact on pop culture. Our mysterious and spooky goth girl deserves all the praise. We’d party with you any day, Wednesday Friday Addams.

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