These Monstrous Masks Make Safety Chic

While the use of face masks in public is just starting to catch on as a preventative measure in the United States, they’ve been a staple of everyday life in other countries around the world. Japan in particular is known for its citizens donning medical masks when going out and about on crowded streets. An intensely creative Japanese artist has taken the plain white and black face masks one step further to combine safety and fashion. The result is monstrously mesmerizing.



Tokyo Fashion (who you should absolutely be following if you’re a fan of Japanese culture and fashion) shared a look at MALICIOUS.X‘s Creature Pleats Face Mask. Not only does the design turn heads, there’s a surprise waiting for anyone who gets too close.

As the gothic fashionista opens her mouth, the mask bares its fangs through the fabric pleats. Dark and stylish, the innovative face mask makes a statement that clearly says, “Stay back!”

Those aren’t the only masks MALICIOUS.X offers. With this eye-catching set, you’ll let everyone who spots you know that you’re keeping watch to make sure they’re following safe social distancing.

While fabric and recycled plastic face masks aren’t intended to filter out germs specifically—they’re not typically medical grade—the masks can repel droplets from sneezes and coughs from both yourself and those who might not even realize they’re carrying the virus. Face masks are also a much-needed reminder to keep your hands away from your face.

It can feel odd to wear a mask in public. But with a design like this, you’ll know you’re catching stares for not simply wearing a mask, but for wearing an awesome mask.

MALICIOUS.X offers these masks for ¥3,300 and more on their website, plus international shipping costs.

Thanks to Tokyo Fashion for the tip!

Featured Image: MALICIOUS.X

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