‘CovMitt-19’ Safety Gloves May Be Handy Germ Blockers

Note: There has been zero proof that these “CovMitt-19” gloves work in terms of keeping your hands free of germs. Washing your hands, however, is always good. 

One of the official mantras that’s come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is  “Do not touch your face.” This, of course, is because viruses and other germs that cling to your hands can be inadvertently delivered to your (vulnerable, orifice-filled) face, resulting in infection. But there are ways to keep your hands relatively clean in the first place, like using these “CovMitt-19” safety gloves. Which the FDA have not approved and may or may not be effective.

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The CovMitt-19 gloves, which come via Laughing Squid, are available on Etsy for $12 from thedewdrops. For some context: Thedewdrops, owned by Dewey Tan, is a shop that was established in 2018, but seems to have pivoted to sell only these gloves. The shop’s slogan is “Making some fun Pandemic Safety Gear! (2020).”

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According to the product description for the gloves, they can “Keep your HANDS CLEAN when opening UNKNOWN UNSANITARY Doors, Knobs, Drawers and even those nasty pin pads at the register!!” (Capitalization theirs.) The description also says that the gloves help you to “Keep yourself as VIRUS/GERM/COOTIES-free as possible!” Plus, the gloves look like cute little animals like a dog and a monkey, and they come attached to retractable leashes for easy grabbin’.

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Despite the complete lack of evidence of effectiveness, the intense usage of capitalization, and a reference to cooties, the idea that these mitts could actually, potentially, reduce the amount of germs you’re carrying around on your hands seems plausible. They are made of silicone (hopefully not “silicon” as the product description states), and they obviously work as a barrier between one’s hands and the objects they touch. Although using them flawlessly is hard to imagine, and there’s no question other people are going to want to stick their hands in your mitts.

What do you think about these CovMitt-19 mittens? Are you ready to slip your good doorknob-turning hand into one of these silicone protectors, or are you going to stick to good ol’ fashion soap and water? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

Images: thedrewdrops

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