These Face Masks are Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

With face masks pretty much mandatory everywhere due to the current pandemic, people are bringing out their creativity as they make masks for themselves and loved ones. We’ve seen Star Wars inspired ones, and even some which resemble the facehugger from Alien!

But according to a story coming from CNN, these have all been outdone by one scuba diving group. This ingenious group has been taking  plastic water bottles that have been polluting our oceans, and transforming them into face masks for people to use to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

These Face Masks are Made from Recycled Ocean Plastics_1


These environmentally conscious face masks are the brainchild of the group known as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), together with Rash’R, a company that sells eco-friendly clothing. Each of these masks is priced at $20.40 and comes with five different replacement filters. According to PADI’s official website, the price reflects exactly how much it costs to make each mask, so they’re not profiting from them. The masks won’t just come in adult sizes either, as some are being made to fit children ages 4-10.

These Face Masks are Made from Recycled Ocean Plastics_2


There are currently five different designs to choose from, each featuring art which showcases a variety of sea creatures. Among the designs are whale sharks, manta rays and of course, great whites (everyone’s favorite). Another design has actual scuba diver silhouettes, which seems only fitting given who is making them.

There are some 15,000 masks already pre-ordered, and that number is sure to rise given their increased media coverage. But by buying one of these masks, you are not only protecting yourself, you are contributing to an eco-friendly cause as well. On each of the masks, one can read the motto “Seek adventure. Save the ocean.” To pre-order your own, be sure to head on over to the PADI website.

Featured Image: PADI

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