These Contest-Winning D&D Monsters Are Not For the Faint of Heart

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You may remember in October when we told you about the incredible monster design contest sponsored by Wizards of the Coast and Adobe Photoshop. The winner and honorable mentions are here, and they are terrifying!

The top prize monster is something you never want to come across in a dark cavern. Or anywhere. Winner Will Kalkanis created a massive, glistening, spine-crawling monstrosity that will now lurk forever in the Undermountain–and in your nightmares.


Will is taking home a $5000 prize, an upcoming trip to Seattle, WA to meet the Wizards themselves for some creative brainstorming, and a one-of-a-kind unpainted miniature of the Terror of the Undermountain he created.

What set Will’s monster apart from the rest? Here’s Wizard of the Coast’s Mike Mearls, Kate Irwin, and Richard Whitters to announce the winner and give some insight into the judging process.

Honorable mentions were also announced:

  • Dylan Pharaoh-Whitney
  • Mad
  • Thomas Chamberlain-Keen
  • John Tedrick
  • Dave Wolf
  • Toni Bell
  • Richard Sashigane
  • Christina Qi
  • Tiffany Chiu
  • Cornelius Cockroft

Visit the contest website for a complete gallery of the top ten monsters from all entries received, which contains more creepy creatures than you could possibly imagine.


All Images: Wizards of the Coast / Adobe

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