THE WALKING DEAD Finally Killed This Major Character

This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season 10, episode 12.

This week’s episode of  The Walking Dead picked up right where last week left off—the middle of a Hilltop vs. Whisperers battle. But, the fiery conflict was the least interesting development this time around with several character deaths and a major Negan plot question that finally got an answer.

The Whisperers are pretty much a done deal after Negan sorrowfully cut off Alpha’s head. Thank you for your act of service, sir. Her ideology about this world was already bothering him, but Alpha’s willingness to kill her daughter was the final straw. Negan spotted an injured Lydia after the battle and used her as bait to lure Alpha into a secluded area. In reality, he protected Lydia by capturing her before her mom could find her and placing her at a safe location. At the very end of the episode, Negan brings Alpha’s head to Carol and tosses it at her feet, prompting her to ask what took so long. So, it was Carol who let Negan out of his cell.

Alpha and Negan talk in field

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This revelation isn’t super shocking considering that 1) Negan beheaded Alpha in the comics and 2) Carol was willing to do anything to ensure Alpha’s demise. But this makes Carol’s actions at the cave seem even more ridiculous. If she had an agreement with Negan to kill Alpha, then why did she chase Alpha and try to blow up the hoard? Negan was moving a bit slow with the plan so perhaps she was trying to take it into her own hands. Is Carol upset about all the damage from (and presumably Hilltop lives lost) the previous night? Negan did help Alpha devise the plan to take down the Hilltop.

This pact also makes you wonder what Negan was promised—and will actually get—in return. He’s not welcome at Alexandria because, well, Aaron wants to murder him every time they see each other. Hilltop is no longer inhabitable and the Kingdom has been a done deal so there’s nowhere else for him to go unless he wanders off on his own. Perhaps Alpha’s head will be the turning point to convince the Alexandrians to treat him like a community member. Or, Daryl (or even Aaron) may pull a comic Rick and make Negan live alone at an outpost until more trust is built.

Aaron stands alone in field

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Alpha is the glue that holds the Whisperers together but now she’s dead. Beta is still alive, but he doesn’t have the same influence and leadership skills as Alpha. He leaned on Alpha for approval and guidance and doesn’t seem to be the most mentally stable person in general. Her death will certainly destroy his resolve and lead to his own demise at the hands of Daryl.

It’s been a while since they have gone head-to-head in a fight. This may take place at Alexandria, where more Whisperers and people will die. No leader equals no pack, so the Whisperers will probably dissolve at this point. The Whisperer arc has been going on since season nine, so it’s beyond time for them to go away.

Whisperers fire flaming arrows at Hilltop

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Mary (formerly Gamma) also bit the dust in this episode. She risked her life to save Alden, Kelly, and her nephew and paid the price for betraying her group after Beta came out of thin air and stabbed her to death. It’s a mixed bag of feelings because she did prove herself to be loyal to Aaron and the group but she also killed her own sister to save freaking Alpha. Something could be said about karma here, but honestly everyone on this show has done terrible stuff at some point.

This episode also revealed that Connie and Magna made it out of the cave alive. Yumiko spotted Magna walking with the herd during the Hilltop battle. Magna later told Yumiko, who gave Carol a deserved punch to the face, that she was with Connie but they got separated in the herd. So, Connie’s current status is still up in the air. Sigh. She’s a savvy survivor, so hopefully she navigated the walkers and found a place to hide.

Connie holds handwritten note in The Walking Dead

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A few survivors probably died this episode, but they were likely extras who show up specifically to die. Earl, the only established Hilltopper, met his fate; he wasweirdly the only person bitten during the attack. Goodbye Earl… and Alpha and Gamma.

The aftermath of Alpha’s death, Connie’s fate, and what happens at Alexandria will have to wait until after next week’s Michonne update and sad farewell. The Walking Dead is in constant flux and fans can only go on comic knowledge and general speculation about where this will go next.

Featured Image: Jace Downs/AMC

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