THE SIMPSONS’ “Steamed Hams” Remixed to the Tune of Green Day’s “Basket Case”

No matter how many we get, we will never get tired of the ridiculous fan tributes to Seymour Skinner’s “Steamed Hams” dinner. Some are weird, some are hilarious, and some are incredible. And the latest homage to  the classic Simpsons episode is all three, because it turns the entire segment into Green Day’s song “Basket Case.”

The internet has some strange obsessions, like how Smash Mouth’s “All Star” sometimes feels like it is the only song that has ever been recorded. One popular world wide web sensation isn’t confusing at all though, because it’s genuinely great on its own: The Simpson‘s “Steamed Hams” vignette, in which Principal Skinner desperately tried to avoid disaster during an unforgettable luncheon he hosts for Superintendent Chalmers. It’s perfection. Now the latest homage to that classic scene auto-tunes the pair’s strange conversation into the hit Green Day song.

Serious question: how the **** is this so good? We don’t have to say we’d listen to it on repeat, but that’s exactly what we have been doing. This just shouldn’t work this well.

Credit for this video goes to two different people. YouTube user piratecovejoe auto-tuned the scene to Green Day’s track last year, and this week the YouTube channel Juliana Egg synched up the hybrid track with the actual footage from the show.

And, as it always seems to be when anyone uses “Steamed Hams” for literally any reason, the final result is absolute perfection. Especially because “Basket Case” is a perfect way to describe Seymour Skinner’s behavior during the entire scene, which never gets less ridiculous, no matter how many different ways his actions are repurposed. These absurd remixes highlight just how nuts the original premise really is.

But hey, the man does know how to steam a ham, so we shouldn’t be surprised he can sing about them too.

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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