Thanos Visited THE SIMPSONS and Homer Used His Own Gif

If you thought it was hard to watch Peter Parker vanish into a pile of dust, that’s nothing compared to watching arguably the greatest character in television history, Homer Simpson, get wiped out of existence. That’s what happened when Thanos showed up for the opening couch gag on this week’s episode of  The Simpsons. He turned most of Springfield’s most famous family into ash with a little help from Maggie.Don’t worry. Springfield’s Snappening isn’t canon, but Homer using his own GIF, however, is.This week’s episode, “The Girl on the Bus,” began with the Mad Titan sitting on the family couch with the Simpsons standing around him. Maggie then hands him her pacifier, which turns out to be the last Infinity Stone. From there, 742 Evergreen Terrace gets a little more spacious.

Okay, we’re going to need Bumblebee Man, Professor Frink, and Radioactive Man to go back in time through the Quantum Realm and undo the Springfield Snapture. And also this episode.While we loved seeing a Simpson-ized Thanos, the highlight of the episode might have been when Homer went full meta and used his own popular GIF. During one scene Homer texts Lisa he can’t find his phone, and when she tells him he’s using it to text her he responds with one of our favorite internet memes ever – him slowly backing into a hedge.

Homer clearly had that ready to go, not that we can blame him. That’s one of the best GIFs ever.Half of all life in the universe could disappear and someone would post that to Twitter within 30 seconds.

Featured Image: Fox

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