Producer for THE SIMPSONS Spotted a 23-Year-Old Error

On January 22nd, 1995, Fox aired the 13th episode of The Simpsons‘ sixth season, titled “And Maggie Makes Three.”

It was a classic flashback-style episode that revolved around Homer and Marge telling the kids the story of Maggie‘s birth and how it forced Homer to leave behind his dream job for a soul-crushing return to the power plant. It’s a funny, sweet episode with one of the most touching endings in show history, one that loyal fans have seen dozens of times. And a producer just spotted a very obvious error in it that apparently no one has noticed for over 23 years.

Matt Selman, who has been with the show since 2005, tweeted out a pretty glaring mistake for an episode about Maggie’s birth. That’s Marge on the couch, pregnant with Maggie.

D’oh! How did that one slip by us for over two decades? It’s not like it’s a small picture of Maggie.

As you can imagine the uproar from fans who demand continuity has been swift and dumb. Here’s footage of some of them at a Q&A.

Don’t worry, people are being fired over this unforgivable mistake.

Fortunately some close to Matt Groening are already looking for ways to remedy this mistake.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t actually a big deal, but it is a chance to have some fun remembering a great episode. Plus, since we are still finding new things after 23 years this proves something very important–it would be a mistake to stop watching classic Simpsons episodes.

What’s the funniest, worst, or best mistake you’ve ever spotted during an old TV episode? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Fox

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