THE SILENCE Trailer Does the QUIET PLACE Thing with Bat Monsters

A good note for any and all of us hoping to survive the eventual (and, let’s be honest here, imminent) downfall of humankind and uprising of some yet unidentified race of flesh-hungry beasts: take some mime classes while you still can. A Quiet Place let us know that monsters that hunt by virtue of a superhuman sense of sound are a possibility; this first look at The Silence suggests they might be an inevitability.

The first trailer for the forthcoming horror film, which will leap directly to Netflix on April 10, sets up a premise similar to that of John Krasinski’s chilling hit from just last year, but with a vibe more reminiscent of that to Netflix’s own recent thriller about surviving a post-apocalyptic realm laden with terrifying creatures, Bird Box. One distinction from A Quiet Place is that The Silence seems to feature a whole lot more talking.

…an interesting choice for a movie wherein talking seems like it’ll literally get you killed. Beyond this, we also see hints of secondary threats manifesting in human form. Perhaps this new way of life has estranged some bipedal folk from their former civilized selves, now willing to take down fellow hominids in the name of survival. Or maybe there’s some sort of monster-worshipping cult at play, here. You never can tell in situations like these.

One thing we do get a good enough look at, distinguishing The Silence from Bird Box especially, is the sort of critter terrorizing the likes of Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. It sort of looks like a bat, which will indubitably make for some haunting swoop-scares (that’s a jump-scare but with bats), but will sadly further propagate the centuries-old falsity that bats are bad and evil and monstrous when they are indeed grade-A adorable.

But hey, a new dawn is on the rise. Perhaps they can finally be both.

Image: Netflix

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